Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Additions to LCL Genealogy Collection 6/08 - 10/08

New Books added to the Genealogy Collection
Lee County Library
June 2008 – October 2008

Amherst County, Virginia in the Revolution: including extracts from the "Lost Order Book", 1773-1782 / by Lenora Higginbotham Sweeny.

Amite County, Mississippi, 1699-1865: b volume #1 / by Albert E. Casey ; assisted by Frances Powell Otken.

The Arkansas gazette obituaries index, 1819-1879 / by Stephen J. Chism. 1990

Arkansas pensioners, 1818-1900 : records of some Arkansas residents who applied to the federal government for benefits arising from service in federal military organizations (Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Indian and Mexican wars) / compiled by Dorothy E. Payne. 1985

Armstrong genealogy : some of the descendants of John Armstrong and his wife, Sarah Hawthorn (Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi) with associated families : Morgan, Porter, Ruff and Samford / compiled by Janice Roden. 2006

Booneville Funeral Home Records, 1990-2002 / Prentiss County Genealogical & Historical Society 2002

A brief history of Aberdeen and Monroe County, Mississippi, 1821-1900/ Bertie Shaw Robbins 1957

The Bristol registers of servants sent to foreign plantations, 1654-1686 / Peter Wilson Coldham 1988

British roots of Maryland families II / Robert W. Barnes 2002

Cemeteries of Grenada County, Mississippi and surrounding areas / compiled by Frances G. Martin 1999

Centerhill Cemetery, Plantersville, Mississippi (African American)/ compiled by Marjorie Norris

Chancery court records of Jackson County, Mississippi: will books, 1875-1925: minute books, administrative settlements and guardianships, 1875-1900/ extracted and compiled by the Ocean Springs Genealogical Society 2001

The Children's Aid Society of New York: an index to the federal, state, and local census records of its lodging houses, 1855-1925 / Carolee R. Inskeep 1996

Colonial Georgia genealogical data 1748-1783/ William H. Dumont; special publications of the National Genealogical Society, Number 36 1971

Concord, Massachusetts births, marriages and deaths, 1635-1850. Printed by the town 1895

Confederate casualties of the War for Southern Independence / by Betty C. Wiltshire 2008

Culpeper County Virginia: will books B and C, court suits, loose papers, inscriptions / compiled and published by Dorothy Ford Wulfeck 2003 (c1965)

Cutshall Funeral Home index 1925-2002 / Dianne Biddle 2002

Davis' Mississippi brigade : Army of Northern Virginia, a muster listing / H. Grady Howell, Jr. 2005

Death and marriage notices from the Montgomery Advertiser (1881) / compiled by Larry E. Caver, Jr. 2006

The deeds of Amherst County, Virginia / by Bailey Fulton Davis

Descendants of Isaac Grant of South Carolina / compiled by Martha Watkins Bourland and Don Lackey 2003

Descendents of James Sandlilands, 1st Laird of Calder / David Norris 2003

Descendents of Richard Denton / David Norris 2006

Eastern Cherokee by blood, 1906-1910: from the U.S. Court of Claims, 1906-1910, Cherokee-related records of Special Commissioner Guion Miller / transcribed by Jeff Bowen 2005

English land grants in Mississippi : 1768-1780 / Winston De Ville 1986

Eskridge's early history of Tallahatchie County, Mississippi / edited by Chris B. Morgan

Expanded index for Judge Carroll's Historical sketches of Oktibbeha County, Mississippi / compiled by Judy Jacobson 1994

Family maps of Benton County, Mississippi: with homesteads, roads, waterways, towns, cemeteries, railroads, and more / by Gregory A. Boyd 2008

Family maps of Fayette County, Alabama: with homesteads, roads, waterways, towns, cemeteries, railroads, and more / by Gregory A. Boyd 2006

Family maps of Monroe County, Mississippi: with homesteads, roads, waterways, towns, cemeteries, railroads, and more / by Gregory A. Boyd 2007

Family maps of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama: with homesteads, roads, waterways, towns, cemeteries, railroads, and more / by Gregory A. Boyd 2006

Featherston's/Posey's/Harris' Mississippi brigade: Army of Northern Virginia, a muster listing / H. Grady Howell, Jr 2005

Genealogical and Historical notes on Culpepper County, Virginia. Embracing a rev. and enl. ed. of Dr. Philip Slaughter's History of St. Mark's Parish / Raleigh T. Green

Genealogical Guide : master index of genealogy in the Daughters of the American Revolution magazine, volumes 1-84 1994

Genealogies of New Jersey families: from the Genealogical magazine of New Jersey / selected and introduced by Joseph R. Klett 1996

Georgia marriages: early to 1800: a research tool / compiled, extracted & transcribed by Liahona Research, Inc. ; edited by Jordan R. Dodd 1990

The Georgians / Jeanette Austin 1984

Going to America / by Terry Coleman 1972

The heritage of Blount County, Alabama 1999

Hispanic Confederates / by John O'Donnell-Rosales 2006

Historical review of Arkansas: its commerce, industry and modern affairs/ by Fay Hempstead 1978 (c1911)

The history of Craighead County, Arkansas/ by Harry Lee Williams; with index prepared by Doris T. Thurman 1977 (1933)

History of Pickens County, Ala., from its first settlement: in Eighteen Hundred and Seventeen to Eighteen Hundred and Fifty-six/ by Nelson F. Smith 1994

History of the Arkansas press for a hundred years and more/ Fred. W. Allsopp 1978 (1922)

History of Walker County, its towns and its people/ by John Martin Dombhart 2002 (1937)

Holmes County, Mississippi, pioneers / Betty C. Wiltshire 1993

Indiana land entries. Vol. 2, Vincennes District. Part 1, 1807-1877/ Margaret R. Waters 2003 (1949)

Looking Back and Forth at the Thornton, Dickson, Milligan and Grubbs family from Pittsburg camp county Texas/ written by Greta Cates Leard. 1988

Irish passenger lists, 1803-1806: lists of passengers sailing from Ireland to America: extracted from the Hardwicke papers/ compiled under the editorial supervision of Brian Mitchell 1995

Jackson County, Mississippi school census, Years 1912, 1916, 1923 / Ocean Springs Genealogical Society 1989

Lawrence County, Alabama, marriage records: 1818-1884, compiled by the Federal writers' project of the Works progress administration for the state of Alabama

Lest we forget, or, Character gems gleaned from south Arkansas/ by J.H. Riggin; W.F. Evans, collaborator

The list of deaths: [a complete alphabetical list of recorded deaths in and around Wilkes County, Georgia] / by John Burdette Smith 1994

Madison County, Mississippi will abstracts / by Betty C. Wiltshire 1997

Marriage and death notices from Alabama newspapers and family records, 1819-1890 / compiled by Helen S. Foley 2005

Marriage bonds and ministers' returns of Charlotte County, Virginia, 1764-1815 / compiled and published by Catherine Lindsay Knorr 1982 (c1951)

Masonic deaths in Arkansas, 1838-1916 / abstracted and compiled by Arlene LaGrone 1999

Military annals of Carroll County, MS: [expanded] / by W.F. Hamilton and Betty Wiltshire 2004

Millers and descendants of Izard County, Arkansas: family genealogy indexed / by Dr. Don L. Womack 1990

Missing relatives and lost friends / by Robert W. Barnes 2008

Mississippi Confederate pension applications / by Betty C. Wiltshire

Mississippi marriage records, thru 1900: A –E (Multi-volume)/ Betty C. Wiltshire 2006

Mississippi wills: Volume 1, Lowndes County, 1830-1859: Monroe County, 1820-1830 / compiled by Betty Wood Thomas 1982

Montgomery County, Mississippi 1887 Winona Advance Newspaper (bits and pieces) / by Evelyn Bell Crouch and Christie Crouch Genola 2007

Montgomery County, Mississippi, abstracts of wills, Books I, II, III / by Evelyn Bell Crouch and Christie Crouch Genola 2006

My Henry family (Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, and incidentally, Oklahoma). 1973

Passenger arrivals at the Port of New York, 1820-1829: from customs passenger lists / transcribed by Elizabeth P. Bentley 1999

Passenger arrivals at the Port of New York, 1830-1832: from customs passenger lists / transcribed by Elizabeth P. Bentley 2000

Records of Walker County, Alabama: including inscriptions from Cullman, Fayette, Marion, Winston, Talladega and Tuscaloosa counties / collected by Florence Knight Guttery ; compiled by Inez Boswell Biggerstaf

Red River Co. Texas cemeteries / Bertha L. Gable

Report of the Alabama history commission to the governor of Alabama. December 1, 1900. Ed. by Thomas McAdory Owen ... Vol. I 1901

Ruff-Betts family history 2006: researched and compiled by Marion Ruff-Griffin 2006

Scots in the Mid-Atlantic colonies, 1635-1783/ David Dobson 2002

Scottish family history/ David Moody 1994

Shaking your family tree: a basic guide to tracing your family's genealogy/ by Ralph Crandall 1986

Some indexed genealogical information derived from Judge Carroll's Historical sketches of Oktibbeha County, Mississippi / compiled by Judy Jacobson 1993

Some Missouri tombstones / [by Bertha L. Gable]. 1987

Some Russell County, Virginia records: births & deaths, 1853-1866 / compiled by Thomas Colley 1996

Surname index for Union County, Mississippi, cemetery records / indexed by James Tyler McCarley

Heritage of Wayne Co., MS. vol.II 2008

The Arkansas History Commission bulletin of information: numbers 13, 14, 15, 16

Third supplement to Torrey's New England marriages prior to 1700/ Melinde Lutz Sanborn 2003

Two hundred years of Roye history/ by Charline Roye Henderson 2007

The unpublished roll of honor/ compiled by Mark Hughes 1996

Veterans of Tallahatchie County, Mississippi/ compiled by Helen E. Staten Arnold and Nick Denley 1989

Veterans of World War II: Newton County, Mississippi/ compiled by Terry T. Lange, Harold Graham 2007

War of 1812 soldiers of Maury County, Tennessee/ edited by Jill K. Garrett 2006

Waters Funeral Home index 1927-2002/ Prentiss County Historical and Genealogical Society 2002

Webster (formerly Sumner) County, Mississippi marriage and will records: with Greensboro Cemetery / by Betty C. Wiltshire

Thank you for your patience...

...to anyone who has been awaiting an update to our blog!

Regarding our next meeting, Society President Susie Dent has emailed the following notice:

"The next meeting of the Northeast Mississippi Historical and Genealogical Society will be at 6 p.m. Thursday, December 11, 2008 at the Lee County Library, Tupelo, MS. Storyteller and comedian Patsy "Aunt Patsy" Wilson will provide the program which promises to provide a lot of entertainment and laughter. Attendees are invited to bring holiday finger foods to share. There will not be a meeting in November due to the Thanksgiving holiday. "


In other news, the _Tupelo Area Picture Postcards_ book has been published and is available for purchase at five locations: Reed’s Bookstore, LCL Friends gift shop, Village Green Bookstore, Oren Dunn Museum, and Miss Ruth’s Diner in Verona. This book would make an EXCELLENT gift for the historian in the family!

The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal ran the following article on November 17, 2008.

LOCAL FOLKS:Wish You Were Here
11/17/2008 6:44:09 AM
Daily Journal
Daily Journal

TUPELO - There's no going back to the way things used to be, but a team of amateur historians have put together a postcard from the past.

Actually, they've collected more than 100 postcards that show Main Street before it was paved, Tupelo Hospital before it was torn down and other scenes straight out of time.

"All we wanted to do was go back and give a history of this area," said Bill Lyle, 80, a Tupelo native. "How many people would know some of this stuff if we didn't have these postcards?"

The project began years ago, but it heated up this year. Lyle, "Mem" Leake, Boyd Yarbrough, Julian Riley and David Baker have borrowed postcards that were created between 1907 and 1955.

"We knew a lot of the collectors," Lyle said.

"We also asked around," 80-year-old Leake added. "One would tell about another, word of mouth."

The team converted the old postcards into computer files, created captions and arranged to publish their work.

The result is "Tupelo Area Picture Postcards," and it's available for $39.95 at Reed's Gum Tree Bookstore, Village Green, Oren Dunn City Museum and the Lee County Library gift shop, all in Tupelo, and Mrs. Ruth's Diner in Verona. Proceeds will benefit the Dunn museum and the Northeast Mississippi Historical and Genealogical Society.

"This book is a picture postcard view of Tupelo," Leake said. "It's a different slant for most people."

Looking back

The 120 cards may change the way residents look at the familiar town of Tupelo. Consider the Confederate monument that's located on the Lee County Courthouse grounds. Several of the postcards from the 1920s show a different location.

"It was at the intersection of Broadway and Main streets, and there was a goldfish pond around it" Lyle said.

"One of the reasons it was moved was because of increased traffic," Leake said. "That was when, Bill?"

"1936," Lyle replied.

A postcard from 1907 shows wagons filled with cotton rolling down an unpaved Main Street, and you'll notice the Pound-Kincannon-Elkin Drug Store at the corner of Spring and Main streets.

An undated card shows the old Tupelo Hospital. The caption explains that before 1920 the building had been a YMCA and featured a swimming pool in its basement.

"Growing up in Tupelo, we had heard a lot of these stories for years," Lyle said, noting the fact that he and Leake were both 80 years old. "Some of it was new to us."

Getting the facts

In creating captions for the book, the team pulled information from the cards, performed research at the library and relied on their memories.

"That's a disclaimer," Lyle said. "I hope people will come back if they know something and tell us."

If a postcard featured a car in it, Allen McDaniel, curator of the Tupelo Automobile Museum, shared his expertise.

"He helped us date some of them," Leake said. "If he knew a car was from 1939, it gave us a range."

"We used circa' quite a bit," Lyle said. " There's no way to track them all down definitely.

"The book features churches, government buildings, private residences and more, but it's far from a complete view of Tupelo's past. For one thing, the team has almost enough postcards to put together another book.

"If anybody else has postcards, we would appreciate their letting us know," Lyle said. "We hope to have another volume eventually."

Contact M. Scott Morris at (662) 678-1589 or
Appeared originally in the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, 11/17/2008, section A, page 1

Thursday, August 21, 2008

August Meeting!

Please join us for our August NEMSHGS meeting!

The meeting will be held at the

Lee County Library - Helen Foster Auditorium


Thursday, August 28, 2008, 6:00 p.m.

Wayne Mosely from the Church of Latter Day Saints

will give a program on Family Search.com.
For more information, please contact Susie Dent (president) at nems.hgs@gmail.com.