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Additions to LCL Genealogy Collection 6/08 - 10/08

New Books added to the Genealogy Collection
Lee County Library
June 2008 – October 2008

Amherst County, Virginia in the Revolution: including extracts from the "Lost Order Book", 1773-1782 / by Lenora Higginbotham Sweeny.

Amite County, Mississippi, 1699-1865: b volume #1 / by Albert E. Casey ; assisted by Frances Powell Otken.

The Arkansas gazette obituaries index, 1819-1879 / by Stephen J. Chism. 1990

Arkansas pensioners, 1818-1900 : records of some Arkansas residents who applied to the federal government for benefits arising from service in federal military organizations (Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Indian and Mexican wars) / compiled by Dorothy E. Payne. 1985

Armstrong genealogy : some of the descendants of John Armstrong and his wife, Sarah Hawthorn (Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi) with associated families : Morgan, Porter, Ruff and Samford / compiled by Janice Roden. 2006

Booneville Funeral Home Records, 1990-2002 / Prentiss County Genealogical & Historical Society 2002

A brief history of Aberdeen and Monroe County, Mississippi, 1821-1900/ Bertie Shaw Robbins 1957

The Bristol registers of servants sent to foreign plantations, 1654-1686 / Peter Wilson Coldham 1988

British roots of Maryland families II / Robert W. Barnes 2002

Cemeteries of Grenada County, Mississippi and surrounding areas / compiled by Frances G. Martin 1999

Centerhill Cemetery, Plantersville, Mississippi (African American)/ compiled by Marjorie Norris

Chancery court records of Jackson County, Mississippi: will books, 1875-1925: minute books, administrative settlements and guardianships, 1875-1900/ extracted and compiled by the Ocean Springs Genealogical Society 2001

The Children's Aid Society of New York: an index to the federal, state, and local census records of its lodging houses, 1855-1925 / Carolee R. Inskeep 1996

Colonial Georgia genealogical data 1748-1783/ William H. Dumont; special publications of the National Genealogical Society, Number 36 1971

Concord, Massachusetts births, marriages and deaths, 1635-1850. Printed by the town 1895

Confederate casualties of the War for Southern Independence / by Betty C. Wiltshire 2008

Culpeper County Virginia: will books B and C, court suits, loose papers, inscriptions / compiled and published by Dorothy Ford Wulfeck 2003 (c1965)

Cutshall Funeral Home index 1925-2002 / Dianne Biddle 2002

Davis' Mississippi brigade : Army of Northern Virginia, a muster listing / H. Grady Howell, Jr. 2005

Death and marriage notices from the Montgomery Advertiser (1881) / compiled by Larry E. Caver, Jr. 2006

The deeds of Amherst County, Virginia / by Bailey Fulton Davis

Descendants of Isaac Grant of South Carolina / compiled by Martha Watkins Bourland and Don Lackey 2003

Descendents of James Sandlilands, 1st Laird of Calder / David Norris 2003

Descendents of Richard Denton / David Norris 2006

Eastern Cherokee by blood, 1906-1910: from the U.S. Court of Claims, 1906-1910, Cherokee-related records of Special Commissioner Guion Miller / transcribed by Jeff Bowen 2005

English land grants in Mississippi : 1768-1780 / Winston De Ville 1986

Eskridge's early history of Tallahatchie County, Mississippi / edited by Chris B. Morgan

Expanded index for Judge Carroll's Historical sketches of Oktibbeha County, Mississippi / compiled by Judy Jacobson 1994

Family maps of Benton County, Mississippi: with homesteads, roads, waterways, towns, cemeteries, railroads, and more / by Gregory A. Boyd 2008

Family maps of Fayette County, Alabama: with homesteads, roads, waterways, towns, cemeteries, railroads, and more / by Gregory A. Boyd 2006

Family maps of Monroe County, Mississippi: with homesteads, roads, waterways, towns, cemeteries, railroads, and more / by Gregory A. Boyd 2007

Family maps of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama: with homesteads, roads, waterways, towns, cemeteries, railroads, and more / by Gregory A. Boyd 2006

Featherston's/Posey's/Harris' Mississippi brigade: Army of Northern Virginia, a muster listing / H. Grady Howell, Jr 2005

Genealogical and Historical notes on Culpepper County, Virginia. Embracing a rev. and enl. ed. of Dr. Philip Slaughter's History of St. Mark's Parish / Raleigh T. Green

Genealogical Guide : master index of genealogy in the Daughters of the American Revolution magazine, volumes 1-84 1994

Genealogies of New Jersey families: from the Genealogical magazine of New Jersey / selected and introduced by Joseph R. Klett 1996

Georgia marriages: early to 1800: a research tool / compiled, extracted & transcribed by Liahona Research, Inc. ; edited by Jordan R. Dodd 1990

The Georgians / Jeanette Austin 1984

Going to America / by Terry Coleman 1972

The heritage of Blount County, Alabama 1999

Hispanic Confederates / by John O'Donnell-Rosales 2006

Historical review of Arkansas: its commerce, industry and modern affairs/ by Fay Hempstead 1978 (c1911)

The history of Craighead County, Arkansas/ by Harry Lee Williams; with index prepared by Doris T. Thurman 1977 (1933)

History of Pickens County, Ala., from its first settlement: in Eighteen Hundred and Seventeen to Eighteen Hundred and Fifty-six/ by Nelson F. Smith 1994

History of the Arkansas press for a hundred years and more/ Fred. W. Allsopp 1978 (1922)

History of Walker County, its towns and its people/ by John Martin Dombhart 2002 (1937)

Holmes County, Mississippi, pioneers / Betty C. Wiltshire 1993

Indiana land entries. Vol. 2, Vincennes District. Part 1, 1807-1877/ Margaret R. Waters 2003 (1949)

Looking Back and Forth at the Thornton, Dickson, Milligan and Grubbs family from Pittsburg camp county Texas/ written by Greta Cates Leard. 1988

Irish passenger lists, 1803-1806: lists of passengers sailing from Ireland to America: extracted from the Hardwicke papers/ compiled under the editorial supervision of Brian Mitchell 1995

Jackson County, Mississippi school census, Years 1912, 1916, 1923 / Ocean Springs Genealogical Society 1989

Lawrence County, Alabama, marriage records: 1818-1884, compiled by the Federal writers' project of the Works progress administration for the state of Alabama

Lest we forget, or, Character gems gleaned from south Arkansas/ by J.H. Riggin; W.F. Evans, collaborator

The list of deaths: [a complete alphabetical list of recorded deaths in and around Wilkes County, Georgia] / by John Burdette Smith 1994

Madison County, Mississippi will abstracts / by Betty C. Wiltshire 1997

Marriage and death notices from Alabama newspapers and family records, 1819-1890 / compiled by Helen S. Foley 2005

Marriage bonds and ministers' returns of Charlotte County, Virginia, 1764-1815 / compiled and published by Catherine Lindsay Knorr 1982 (c1951)

Masonic deaths in Arkansas, 1838-1916 / abstracted and compiled by Arlene LaGrone 1999

Military annals of Carroll County, MS: [expanded] / by W.F. Hamilton and Betty Wiltshire 2004

Millers and descendants of Izard County, Arkansas: family genealogy indexed / by Dr. Don L. Womack 1990

Missing relatives and lost friends / by Robert W. Barnes 2008

Mississippi Confederate pension applications / by Betty C. Wiltshire

Mississippi marriage records, thru 1900: A –E (Multi-volume)/ Betty C. Wiltshire 2006

Mississippi wills: Volume 1, Lowndes County, 1830-1859: Monroe County, 1820-1830 / compiled by Betty Wood Thomas 1982

Montgomery County, Mississippi 1887 Winona Advance Newspaper (bits and pieces) / by Evelyn Bell Crouch and Christie Crouch Genola 2007

Montgomery County, Mississippi, abstracts of wills, Books I, II, III / by Evelyn Bell Crouch and Christie Crouch Genola 2006

My Henry family (Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, and incidentally, Oklahoma). 1973

Passenger arrivals at the Port of New York, 1820-1829: from customs passenger lists / transcribed by Elizabeth P. Bentley 1999

Passenger arrivals at the Port of New York, 1830-1832: from customs passenger lists / transcribed by Elizabeth P. Bentley 2000

Records of Walker County, Alabama: including inscriptions from Cullman, Fayette, Marion, Winston, Talladega and Tuscaloosa counties / collected by Florence Knight Guttery ; compiled by Inez Boswell Biggerstaf

Red River Co. Texas cemeteries / Bertha L. Gable

Report of the Alabama history commission to the governor of Alabama. December 1, 1900. Ed. by Thomas McAdory Owen ... Vol. I 1901

Ruff-Betts family history 2006: researched and compiled by Marion Ruff-Griffin 2006

Scots in the Mid-Atlantic colonies, 1635-1783/ David Dobson 2002

Scottish family history/ David Moody 1994

Shaking your family tree: a basic guide to tracing your family's genealogy/ by Ralph Crandall 1986

Some indexed genealogical information derived from Judge Carroll's Historical sketches of Oktibbeha County, Mississippi / compiled by Judy Jacobson 1993

Some Missouri tombstones / [by Bertha L. Gable]. 1987

Some Russell County, Virginia records: births & deaths, 1853-1866 / compiled by Thomas Colley 1996

Surname index for Union County, Mississippi, cemetery records / indexed by James Tyler McCarley

Heritage of Wayne Co., MS. vol.II 2008

The Arkansas History Commission bulletin of information: numbers 13, 14, 15, 16

Third supplement to Torrey's New England marriages prior to 1700/ Melinde Lutz Sanborn 2003

Two hundred years of Roye history/ by Charline Roye Henderson 2007

The unpublished roll of honor/ compiled by Mark Hughes 1996

Veterans of Tallahatchie County, Mississippi/ compiled by Helen E. Staten Arnold and Nick Denley 1989

Veterans of World War II: Newton County, Mississippi/ compiled by Terry T. Lange, Harold Graham 2007

War of 1812 soldiers of Maury County, Tennessee/ edited by Jill K. Garrett 2006

Waters Funeral Home index 1927-2002/ Prentiss County Historical and Genealogical Society 2002

Webster (formerly Sumner) County, Mississippi marriage and will records: with Greensboro Cemetery / by Betty C. Wiltshire

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